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Name Position
Carl F Mundth CCUE, CUDE President /CEO
Shannon Pickett Director of Accounting Services
Linda Gibbs Director of Member Services

Lending Staff

Name Position
Penny P Personal Financial Officer II
Megan M Personal Financial Officer II
Kendra B Personal Financial Officer II - Mortgage Specialist
Angelica C Personal Financial Processor I
Kaley H PFO I Member Solutions Manager

Member Services Staff

Name Position
Pam C Member Service Representative II
Cindy D Member Services Representative II Vault Manager
Michelle D Member Services Representative II Card Services
Camille P Member Services Representative I
Robin P Member Service Representative I
Shalane W Member Services Representative I Receptionist
Maria A Member Services Representative II Accounting Assistant
Debra A Member Service Representative I

LECU Board of Directors

Executive Committee Officers

Name Position
Toby Brimmer Chairman
Tyler Gerdes Vice Chairman
Deb Kerr Chief Financial Officer
Janette Oetker Secretary


Carol Fuller
Janette Oetker
Andy Schwandt
Diane Cox
Walker Steward
William (Bill) Maas
Steve Stahl
Travis Keeler