Credit Card Loans

Visa® & MasterCard®

Lennox Employees Credit Union offers competitive rates on our MasterCard® & Visa® Programs.  We don't issue the card at a "come on" rate and then raise the interest rate.  When you receive another credit card offer, be sure to ask questions and read the fine print.  The offer may not be as good as it first appears.

Consider transferring the balance from your high interest rate credit card to one of our cards described below.



Our Visa card has a great fixed interest rate and a 25 day grace period on purchases along with no annual fee. Minimum monthly payment is 5% of your balance.  


Our MasterCard has a great fixed interest rate, no annual fee, and no grace period on purchases. Minimum monthly payment is 5% of your balance. 

Must be 18 years of age to apply.

To apply for a credit card at the credit union, click HERE  to go to our secure Online Banking site, then complete the "Credit Card Application."  If you prefer, call the credit union at 641-754-4501.